Spiritual Healing Sanctuary.

Based in the mighty Himalayas, located on the edge of the exquisite pine forest in the little mountain village of Dharamkot above McLeodganj in Dharamsala.
We create experiences that transform souls, grow individuals and make people’s lives better.


Take advantage of ancient esoteric alternative healing techniques to boost wellbeing, strategic and creative thinking.

Yoga & Meditation

Conquer your mind, body and spirit, with yoga and meditation.

Healing Education

Learn the ancient healing techniques from visiting masters, healers and teachers.

At the Himalayan Spirit™

Wellness Retreat.

The wellness retreat is a 10 day healing program designed carefully by highly experienced healers and Yoga Teachers. Details Here

Yoga Teachers Training.

Become a Yoga Healer and Teacher. Learn from the best masters in India. More at Yoga-TTC.com

Become a Healer.

We offer a comprehensive array of courses and programs, carefully designed to help seekers become healers. Because the world needs healers

Healing Retreats.

Healing Retreats designed to boost the spirit and immune system, through carefully curated experiences.


Short and Long term detox programs designed to rejuvenate each part of the body.


Learn from our large database of spiritual literature and rare books.


Summer Schedule

The healing process.


During the exploration stage, we must start with healing the self.



Once we have healed ourself, we proceed to learning the healing methods that resonate with our being.



The Himalayan Spirit acts as a vessel for healers to teach their craft and enrich fellow seekers.



We have the pleasure of hosting some amazing events.


Inviting Healers.

Heal and Teach, seekers and travelers from around the world, at our Healing Centers and Courses in the Himalayas and beyond.

Join The Healing Network
The Global Community of Healers.


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